General linguistic academic work can be found below.

Reflections on Morphology in the Language of the Linear A Libation Formula

On a somewhat different topic, my paper on Linear A morphology published by De Gruyter.

For work specialising in Finnish linguistics from the point of view of generative syntax please see below.

The Interaction of Modality and The Development of Finnish Comparative Partitives from the Ablative of Comparison

Above is the link to my paper on Finnish comparative partitives.

The Interaction of Modality and Negation in Finnish

A link to my 2012 paper published in the Journal of Linguistics.

Case and Aspect

The item above is a version of a presentation I gave on the interaction of case and aspect in both Finnish and Russian at the LAGB’s 2004 conference at the University of Roehampton, Surrey.

Partitive Thesis

Above is the link to my 2003 Ph.D thesis on the Partitive case in Finnish and its relation to the weak quantifiers.

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